Company Profile

  • Advisory and consultancy services with special emphasize on Aviation industry and /or infrastructure projects;
  • Transfer of „EUROPEAN“ experience, know how and standards in local environment of perspective markets;
  • Transfer of application of international know-how to the Czech market
  • Business development on selected perspective markets like Kazachstan, Albania, Macedonia, Iraq . Preparation and implementation of projects, complex project management for companies , which prepare  for penetration on these markets.
  • CONSULTJAN s.r.o. creates significant additional value for clients which are interested in :
  • Identification of new business opportunity;
  • Project preparation and implementation;
  • Introduction of their brand  on a new market and their establishment on market
  • CONSULTJAN s.r.o. represents new opportunity for further development of  the clients’ business especially thanks to life time experience of JAN VANA, CEO And Founder of CONSULTJAN’ from :
    • Management and practices in governmental structures and state owned/controlled companies, and private business;
    • Multicultural and international cooperation in NATO, EU and bilateral framework;
    • Marketing, sales and operational experience in renowned aviation companies
    • Cooperation with business partners on „non-traditional markets“
    • Extensive networking with key decision makers and important business partners in the Czech Republic and abroad;
    • Minimal internal structure of CONSULTJAN, s.r.o. which can than provide maximal flexibility for clients together with maximal effectiveness and dedication to their requirements


Babice 146
251 01 Říčany

phone.: +420 724 276 506

VAT CZ 288 81 745